I like her clarity. I respect her. I think she makes a lot more sense, and has more real life experience to draw on then some of the candidates out there. If you grow up in the household of a multimillionaire you don't know what real life is like for people. You can't grasp their challenges and day to day concerns when you never had any of your own.
I offer the following half-dozen suggestions to make the best of your current opportunity: 1. Tell us WHY you are running
It's a question Republican senators found extremely hard to answer.
One of the most frequent claims I have heard from people trying to explain poor learning outcomes in their country is that their teachers come from the bottom third of their college graduates, while high-performing countries recruit their teachers from the top third.
Tackling monster challenges -- where failure is the expected outcome because you lack the credentials to succeed -- can be addicting. It's a win-win situation, like being the underdog in a fight: you're expected to lose, but win and you're a hero.
In light of the Petraeus situation and the scrutiny it has received I have a modest proposal to solve several of the nation's problems at once.
This week both my real life and my Twitter feed have been jumping with the question of post-nominal letters: what letters (if any) should you put after your name on a business card?
We women spend a lot of time working for our family, for our friends and for our passions. We need to take ownership of our successes, experiences, and accomplishments in our "other" jobs.
And thirdly, you simply have to get your supporters (Bobby Rush in particular) to calm their own rhetoric down. Here is Representative
Dear Sarah, just because most of the people don't think you're qualified, that's no reason to hang your head. Just because they don't trust John's judgment anymore because he picked you, don't let it get you down.
During the debate, Biden's test is to pry Palin loose from her her lines and then underscore the emptiness or sinister implications of her stated views without appearing condescending or a lout.