A rep for the actress said she is now "home resting comfortably."
"We’re changing the show so that it can represent, in a dark time, more hope."
It's now grown to become NYC's biggest and most innovative immersive cinema. I got involved three years ago as an audience
With diverse writers rooms, minority characters are well developed. They are no longer tokens -- they are nuanced, relatable characters with multidimensional interests, robust storylines, and realistic interactions with the world.
"At least in that show we look attractive and diverse," James Comey said.
FX President John Landgraf was the first to address this subject at the recently concluded Summer Television Critics Association
HuffPost Live's "Spoiler Alert" picks the season's most promising programming.
Whether you've unplugged or not, find a way to incorporate these nutritiously entertaining, unapologetic, laughter or even -- gasp, yes, network can still do this -- thought-inducing programs into your world. And let me know what you think!
The competitive landscape makes the broadcast networks look like a few Night’s Watch dudes at Hardhome.