quantum computer

When you walk into the voting booth, think about technology and innovation as an engine of equality and U.S. leadership. And
But researchers at Princeton University have created just such a device--and they say it represents a big step forward for
University of California, Berkeley, physicists have, for the first time, showed that, in fact, it's possible to follow the metaphorical cat through the whole process, whether he lives or dies in the end.
The 9 Biggest Unsolved Mysteries in Physics Gallery: Dreamy Images Reveal Beauty in Physics The 9 Most Massive Numbers in
"One of the deep questions in science is if quantum mechanics is the correct description of nature for objects of all sizes
Physicists from Harvard and MIT say they've created a new form of matter by binding together photons -- and you'll never guess what they're comparing it to.
Take that Darth Vader. How is it possible to make photons substantial? After all, these light particles have long been considered
Teleporting qubits Since the qubit doesn't go through the intervening space, some might ask if this is a way to communicate
Such quantum AI techniques could dramatically speed up tasks such as image recognition for comparing photos on the web or
However, four groups have now demonstrated a more-limited type of quantum computation that might be developed more quickly
Their secret? Quantum physics. A team of scientists was able to "split" an atom into its two possible spin states, up and
"It's a very cool and sophisticated experiment, but not yet a universal computing machine," Dr. Charles M. Marcus, an expert
Prior to Majorana's work, Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger came up with an equation that describes how quantum particles
"This is the first time anyone has shown control of a single atom in a substrate with this level of precise accuracy," Dr
This is has the potential to be much more useful than old-fashioned encryption, which relies on the assumption that your
The atoms, arranged in a 6x2 pattern, were positioned one at a time with the tip of a powerful scanning tunneling microscope
Unlike almost every other organ, the belief about the brain was that healing didn't exist, so that once wounded or impaired, the damage was permanent. Now we know that's not true.