Quantum entanglement

The White House press secretary's Saturday tweet featuring the vice president is confusing people on Twitter.
Quantum computers are already here in a limited form, and fully functional versions are on the way. They will be as transformative for mankind as were the mainframe computers, personal computers, and smartphones that we all use. As do all advancing technologies, they will also create new nightmares. The most worrisome development will be in cryptography.
The quantum wave cresting for the past two years in Berlin collapsed in the EVENT that was the 65th Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin.
Is Hindsight always 20/20? Would Marshawn Lynch have prevailed if he had been given the ball? It's easy to be the backseat driver of a crash. The Patriots were going to be all over Lynch so the unpredictable was also a reasonable choice.
I'm writing to explain in basic terms how I was led to create what has come to be called the "many interacting worlds" theory of quantum mechanics, how it works, and what it might mean. I stress at the outset, though, that this new theory does not prove anything definitive about the true nature of quantum reality, at least not yet.
The time is ripe for a theory of cosmic mind to be seen by all scientists not as a speculative notion that conflicts with basic scientific principles but as a necessary part of a rational, science-based understanding of ourselves and nature.
I hope that, in some small way, Dualism will stir your interest in, and enhance your preparedness for, following this ongoing exploration into what makes us who we are. In a sense, that's really what the making of this particular thriller was all about.
Researchers at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands say they have succeeded in accurately transferring information
A handful of physics articles from 50 years ago have become central to the way physicists think about matter and the cosmos today -- so central, in fact, that we can sometimes forget that these foundational ideas even have a history.
"There are certain things that get a scientist's heart beating faster, and I think this is one of them," Jensen told LiveScience
"One of the deep questions in science is if quantum mechanics is the correct description of nature for objects of all sizes
In the future, both groups will try to expand to bigger systems, where instead of translating a quantum state from a single
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The results from the new experiment confirm one of the wildest predictions of quantum mechanics: that a pair of "entangled
Realism is the philosophical stance of most sane human beings, scientists included. An independent reality, it now appears, has become the latest casualty of quantum mechanics. The universe is nonlocal, nondeterministic, and apparently "unreal" as well.
Einstein, who deposed Newton, grew intellectually stodgy in old age. With respect to quantum mechanics (QM), he was positively reactionary.
Knowing when to exert effort and when to pause can help us become more effective humans, bringing greater joy to our lives.