quantum physics

The unaware ego is terrified of not having all the answers all the time. It's also frightened by a lack of structure. In
That's why, amidst all the rhetoric being bandied about in recent days, I am most incensed by the idea that the vile and
And it's not just life's experiences that changes the perception of who we are, but it's those "mental selfies" that we take
The challenge I presented was we need to shape the future of Thinking Machines, of AI. What could we do to use AI to meet
I've been a guest speaker at a lot of different churches lately, mostly Unity and Centers for Spiritual Living, talking about "The Heart of the Matter" - a two-part series on the nature of the ego.
Many would define freedom simply as not being subject to the will of another-- unimpeded, unrestricted and restrained. How
Based on my theory of biocognition, as navigators of our personal journey we can access science to measure with our senses
The noted physicist Max Tegmark wrote an article for Discover magazine in Feb. 2015 titled, "Infinity Is a Beautiful Concept
    Let's say that a reasonable person would acknowledge this widescreen view of how things stand. If reality is out of kilter
Lawrence quickly became an internet sensation, especially amongst the "nerdcore" community. Tracks such as "The Hawkman Cometh
I was brushing my teeth yesterday when it suddenly occurred to me that proof of the soul--the much maligned intangible essence
Whereas general relativity took a single genius (Einstein) a decade to create, that deeper theory -- known as a quantum theory of gravity -- has flummoxed generations of geniuses for a century.
It's common in the study of identical twins to find an inexplicable connection between the two siblings. Their bond goes
Why is there a Universe? Scientists simply don't know how to address why questions. They are out of the present formulation of modern science. Nor do we know, or have any prospect of ever knowing, why there is a Universe.
Animals don't have to be told that part of the responsibility of being a dog or a whale is taking care of members of their family. So -- what is standing in the way of human compassion?
P: Thanks, Sriram. I graduated with a masters in mathematics in Budapest, then I graduated from the National University of
Question: When "Sixth Sense" was published in 1990, there was a lot of skepticism and suspicion from the scientific community
If God is both good and omnipotent, why would God need to be persuaded by even a single prayer to heal someone? Shouldn't God just heal them without being asked, if God has the ability?