"I wrote a poem from the perspective of a pumpkin spiced latte and performed it on zoom."
So long, social distancing.
The ailing Native American rights activist says the coronavirus medical unit is so bad that inmates won't report illnesses because they want to avoid quarantine.
Chloe Mrozak, 24, allegedly skipped Hawaii's 10-day quarantine mandate for unvaccinated visitors by flashing the fake card at the airport in Honolulu.
Her quarantine exemption comes as Hong Kong tightened entry restrictions.
As the UK unveils its own mandatory hotel quarantine system, the experience from Australia makes for sobering reading.
A woman who was supposed to avoid all physical contact with others for 14 days ended up having a close encounter with the man working at the quarantine hotel.
Instead of fretting about weight gain in quarantine, show some self-compassion. You're living through a pandemic, after all.
"DJs gonna start saying 'If you had a birthday during Quarantine make some mf noise.'"
"When I told people I was going to stay in a government-sponsored quarantine hotel, they said it sounded like the plot of a horror movie."