The Super Bowl champion quarterback was indignant when a certain team lost interest in him during free agency.
The Super Bowl-bound Chiefs quarterback performed like a leader off the field, boosting Mecole Hardman's spirits after a mistake.
The quarterback greats met on the field for a sweet goodbye after Brady's Buccaneers defeated Brees' Saints to advance to the NFC Championship.
The odd moment summed up the afternoon for the New York team against the Green Bay Packers.
Washington rookie Dwayne Haskins said he "thought the game was over with already."
The quarterback rivals reunited, and fans had a field day.
He became the first quarterback to win five championships and continues to be one of the most beloved players the NFL has seen.
The Green Bay Packers rallied from a 20-point halftime deficit and what looked like the quarterback's crippling injury.
The Washington State quarterback took his own life in January.
The NFL quarterback took a knee during the national anthem to protest police brutality and inequality, stirring a wave of activism in pro sports.