The quarterback rivals reunited, and fans had a field day.
He became the first quarterback to win five championships and continues to be one of the most beloved players the NFL has seen.
The Green Bay Packers rallied from a 20-point halftime deficit and what looked like the quarterback's crippling injury.
The Washington State quarterback took his own life in January.
The NFL quarterback took a knee during the national anthem to protest police brutality and inequality, stirring a wave of activism in pro sports.
Reese is 7 years old and already proving that Cam Newton should underestimate what a “female” can know about football.
It's a big sport, with big money. But when does it become too much? (They also like to end-around it with their own pay service
Quarterbacks playing through concussions is becoming a worrisome trend.
For the second week in a row, a QB stayed in the game after suffering a concussion.
The Jets' QB got himself sucker punched by his own teammate!
He died as a result of complications from colon cancer.
It is clear that the Dolphins believe in the ability of Tannehill to potentially emerge as an elite QB. If they would have waited another year for that to happen the deal would have played out much differently, with a much higher guarantee and far more risk.
Take a look back at some of Williams' impressive career highlights in the pictures below as we honor his contributions to