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Conclusion We could sum it up in two words as to why earnings recession was, is and will be a non-event; Hot Money. However
Even if the country isn't the socialist utopia of Bernie Sanders' dreams.
They force investors -- and in turn, CEOs -- to focus too much on the short-term, Larry Fink says.
The worse the data is, the more investors believe we will have more QE and more stimulus and, in fact, that is the theme
Against this background, Wal-Mart is raising its game for the holiday shopping season, which accounts for anywhere from 20
The U.S. has not had a budget in four years. As the country increased the national debt by about $5 trillion in deficit spending, it never went over budget. Ridiculous, no?
Operating margin at the telephone company's wireless business, which accounts two-thirds of total revenue, rose slightly
Fourth-quarter net sales in devices and services were about 3.9 billion euros ($5.09 billion), Nokia said. It sold a total
The nascent recovery in housing has encouraged professional contractors to buy more in recent months. Home Depot, the world's
INVESTMENT BANKING BETTER * Q3 net profit 254 mln Sfr vs avg poll forecast 370 mln * Reiterates ROE target of more than 15
Some were brief, just a sentence or two. Many were lengthy paragraphs. All totaled, they expended 2,669 words explaining
The main argument against companies providing guidance is that without such information, stock prices will be even more volatile, with analysts and investors left to their own devices, and besides, the more information provided to investors, the better.
Google released its third quarter earnings Thursday afternoon. Too bad they came a few hours ahead of when the company had
Earnings season for the third quarter kicked off Monday and the motivation to cook the books might be high, since some analysts
The company said it no longer expects to meet its earlier full-year profit forecast but did not give an updated estimate
The reality is that most organizations can't be judged on a quarter-to-quarter basis. But how do you keep the focus on long-term value creation while the media and the markets exert pressure to do the opposite?
* Cash pile again tops $40 bln "The non-insurance side is the driver ... the core of this conglomerate now is on the non
UBS, the first bank to say last March it had been subpoenaed in a probe into how banks attempted to manipulate the London