The Quebecois cousin to Punxsutawney Phil "most likely died during hibernation," according to a Groundhog Day event organizer.
The ruling from Maine’s high court brings fresh drama to the saga of trying to connect Québec’s green grid to the northeastern U.S.
A new transmission project has divided environmentalists and laid bare the difficult choices governments face when trying to move away from fossil fuels.
Before the pandemic, Canadians were allowed to visit the Haskell Free Library without having to visit a customs post.
Quebec recently banned public servants from wearing religious symbols.
Many officials including teachers and cops won’t be able to wear hijabs, kippas or other religious symbols on the job, thanks to Quebec’s new Bill 21.
"She removed my IUD, threw it at me, and left the room."
The proposed ban would prevent teachers, police officers, judges and certain other public servants from wearing religious clothing on the job.
Temperatures in Montreal could feel as high as 113 degrees on Thursday, the seventh day of intense heat in the region.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel shares a picture that says a thousand words.