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Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel went on Fox Business to deride the media and suggest the D-Day anniversary should be about celebrating President Donald Trump.
“Now, Donald, please don't put your grubby hands on anything in this room."
It only took about eight years for Queen Elizabeth II and the Duchess of Cambridge to make it happen.
The post on the royal family's account was signed “Elizabeth R."
Michael Jackson, John Travolta and Deadpool all appear in reworked snaps of Queen Elizabeth visiting Prince William.
After her choice of brooches during his visit to the U.K. raised eyebrows.
Throughout Trump’s U.K. visit, Queen Elizabeth II wore symbolic brooches that some say were political jabs at the president.
The monarch's brooch choices during Trump's visit have raised some eyebrows.
They met at Windsor Castle and then went inside for a private tea.
The off-the-shoulder, open-collarbone neckline has become a standard in the Duchess of Sussex’s closet, but the trend has an unexpected history.
The 71-year-old "Thelma and Louise" actress got away with it.
The Duchess of Sussex made her first official outing without Prince Harry. She and the Queen traveled aboard the royal train to Cheshire.
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From escaping reality to witnessing history, these are the reasons Americans love to follow Britain’s royal family.
Data from Wikipedia has made clear that fans of the Netflix series “The Crown” are reading Wikipedia entries on the show’s characters as they binge watch.
No, Harvey Weinstein’s wife and the women he associated with are not to blame for his actions.
Her former Royal Chef spilled all his delicious secrets.