Queen Mary 2

Twelve years ago I went on a two-day cruise around Tampa Bay on the then brand new Queen Mary 2, which joined the Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria as part of Cunard Line's legacy on the high seas that dates back to 1839. Sad to report, while I found the ship itself impressive, the food onboard was atrocious at a time when it seemed oceanliners were just beginning to improve their food and restaurants.
ScotsFestival XXIII kicked off Valentine's Day weekend with a celebration that brought out the Scot in everyone. The incredible diversity of Celtic heritage and identity brought life and magic to the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California.
Take a long view in Pontresina With access to three of Switzerland’s most famous ski resorts, the town of Pontresina—nestled
The early twentieth century was an age of immigration -- millions left Europe in despair, defeat or fear to make new lives in America. My family history is not much different from that of other immigrants, but with one big deviation: two generations arrived from Europe and two later generations returned!
I've been told several times already "you are now standing on the Equator" and "you are now crossing the Arctic Circle," but this is the first time I've been warned "you are halfway between the Equator and the North Pole."
Supersonic travel meant we would arrive in the U.S. earlier in the same day than our departure time had been. In contrast
To be honest, the world's 10 largest cruise ships are more like small cities than little schooners.
On the other hand, according to the Daily Mail, some passengers are up in arms about the decision, though others have vowed
When I get a last minute phone call to fill in for a sick shipboard lecturer, I am slightly nervous: What if I bring some sort of new virus aboard? Or what if -- as seems a lot more likely -- I end up boring passengers to death?
Unlike with "Titanic", QM2's owners make no claims the ship is unsinkable - although nervous travellers can take comfort