queen of soul

A royal tribute to the “queen of soul” made today’s Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace extra special.
Barack and Michelle Obama remember the legacy of Aretha Franklin.
I saw the Today Show this morning. Celine Dion was accorded a lengthy interview to discuss her beautiful voice, that has
I caught up with Jones backstage before her sold-out show last month at the Tarrytown Music Hall in Westchester, and spoke to her about her evolution and her anticipation of joining other "divas" on stage for a VH1 special.
For a little taste of what Aretha might have to sift through, we've compiled a YouTube slideshow of diva hopefuls. After
A couple lucky Detroiters, including designer Jill Pendergast, stumbled on the set of clothes at a storage facility in May
On this chilly January day I yearned for the warmth of July 4th, the warmth that comes from knowing you belong in the land your ancestors toiled upon as slaves, and died for in wars.
Jesus, this is a tough crowd. What's with everyone dissing the hat? Why didn't anyone find it aesthetically logical? And in any case, who cares? Aretha's got gravitas, presence.