Queen Victoria

"Strong girls need to be writing strong pieces about other strong women in our communities."
Late 19th-century brides and grooms were participating in a different kind of fad.
For Vogue, by MADELEINE LUCKEL. Victoria, a new Masterpiece miniseries, premiered on PBS earlier this month. The show features
And that's not the only problem. Everything you thought about Queen Victoria is probably wrong. "I studied history at university
As the Queen Mary 2 sails past the west coast of Ireland and dives headfirst into the open sea, Kathy and I and dozens of
So my name is Dylan. I'm nineteen and I spent a year in junior college where I majored in... um... I forgot. LOL It had something to do with writing (I think) but I spent most of the time sexting my girlfriend in class so I don't really remember anything. Whatever. Seriously, who needs education when there's Google and Wikipedia?
As with all of Churchill's anything-but-commonplace, day-to-day appurtenances -- his bespoke slippers, his siren suits, his hats, his cigars -- Churchill's eyeglasses had a story behind them, I was convinced.
Queen Victoria ruled Britain for 63 years. PBS would like her to rule American Sunday nights for a few more.
It seems for this young bride (who just happened to be ruler of an empire), that it came down to choosing the feelings of her future husband over her own ego. Victoria's heart-centered choice changed bridal history and, in turn, illuminated the supreme sovereignty of a woman in love.
A young girl with blonde ringlets and a ribboned dress bitterly embraces her father, begging him not to leave her alone at
David Morrell's latest novel, Inspector of the Dead, is a sequel, featuring De Quincy and his iconoclastic daughter, Emily. When a killer begins targeting London's elite, Scotland Yard again seeks De Quincy's help.
Poor ole' plaid gets a bad wrap, i.e. slutty schoolgirls, your grandmother's ridiculously overdone curtains, and who could forget, the Burberry-wearing prepsters. But, it's making a serious come back -- more urban cool and less Hot Topic-y.
Douglass shook the Prince's hand and looked at him directly, knowing that what interested Albert was his refusal of servility.
Is my one-time favorite magazine going the way of the dodo bird? What's to become of TIME after it was cut loose from a corporate tether tied to a sought-after prize?
Queen Victoria reigned another 47 years; Dr. Wells turned into a crazed Jekyll and Hyde character who breathed in too much
The mystery is how this came about when so many worthy people are associated with the enterprise, beginning with Clarke herself
It's difficult to think about any other American actor whose premature death created such an avalanche of tributes to his