Queen Victoria

The Duchess of Cambridge isn't the only royal trendsetter.
"Strong girls need to be writing strong pieces about other strong women in our communities."
Late 19th-century brides and grooms were participating in a different kind of fad.
For Vogue, by MADELEINE LUCKEL. Victoria, a new Masterpiece miniseries, premiered on PBS earlier this month. The show features
While Goodwin has previously published novels and poetry books, Victoria is her first screenplay. One fascinating thing about
The Queen Mary 2 has slid silently and perfectly beneath the bridge. There is some clapping. Cameras click. The harbor fog
So my name is Dylan. I'm nineteen and I spent a year in junior college where I majored in... um... I forgot. LOL It had something to do with writing (I think) but I spent most of the time sexting my girlfriend in class so I don't really remember anything. Whatever. Seriously, who needs education when there's Google and Wikipedia?
As with all of Churchill's anything-but-commonplace, day-to-day appurtenances -- his bespoke slippers, his siren suits, his hats, his cigars -- Churchill's eyeglasses had a story behind them, I was convinced.
Queen Victoria ruled Britain for 63 years. PBS would like her to rule American Sunday nights for a few more.
It seems for this young bride (who just happened to be ruler of an empire), that it came down to choosing the feelings of her future husband over her own ego. Victoria's heart-centered choice changed bridal history and, in turn, illuminated the supreme sovereignty of a woman in love.