A 57-year-old man in Queens is lucky to be alive after a transformer explosion last week.
During a press briefing, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo addressed allegations of sexual harassment against him but did not tender his resignation.
The Queens Daily Eagle wrote about the troubles of "a Queens-born real estate developer" down there in Washington, D.C.
Ricky Bellevue lost consciousness while pinned face-first on the ground at a New York City beach, his lawyer said.
'It’s apocalyptic," a doctor said as COVID-19 overwhelmed the Queens hospital.
The worker at the Queens facility in New York City is recovering in quarantine.
Costa Constantinides, a progressive candidate for Queens borough president, is prioritizing climate issues in his platform.
Images from the arrest in Queens left many people concerned about the Trump administration's militarized targeting of undocumented immigrants.
Sema Bal reads fortunes using Turkish coffee grounds to guide and heal her clients, while keeping family traditions alive in Queens, New York.
The Sanders campaign estimated that the rally drew nearly 26,000 attendees, which would make it the largest Democratic presidential rally of this cycle.