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Her vehicle and cellphone have been found, but there's no sign of her, the police said.
When New Yorkers of a certain age say "I'm with her" I sometimes think, of course "You ARE her." You know this woman of women very well!
The victim is calling for hate-crime charges in the attack, captured on NYPD video.
Billionaire businessman, and as of this week, official Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump owns homes all over the world -- including many in New York City alone. He is a real estate mogul, after all. But growing up, Trump lived in a 2,000-square-foot home in Queens -- and that home can now be yours. If you have the money, of course. (And presumably, if you're not a loser.)
I'm planning a smaller festival in my Delaware River Community of Stockton, NJ, in October, called River Reads. What advice
At the end of the day living in a gayborhood is just more fun, not to mention -- as a lot of gays and lesbians who bought in the Village, South Beach, the Castro and Chelsea decades ago can attest to -- a good real estate investment.
For now, no one along the eastern side of 126th Street is making much money because of the World Series. We'll all have to wait and see whether that changes that in the near future, and how the public trust doctrine is interpreted to limit private development on public parks.
Once you go to the other side with finely crafted cocktails, it will be difficult to go back to the mundane mixtures and usual suspects at the corner bar.
Last night, I gave a lecture at the Rego Park Jewish Center in Queens, New York. The topic was "What makes people single out Jews, and what can counter anti-Semitism's sharp rise." Admittedly, I was not very hopeful.
His tireless efforts behind the camera, on social media, and at the site itself have not only helped get more people talking about the Pavilion, but it's brought them together as well, focusing their energy on reinvention for an inventive space.
The shooting of Moore, who is white, initially sparked concern it was a replay of the Brooklyn murders. It occurred as tensions
While Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Staten Island have their own vital full-service municipal shelters, Queens and the Bronx only have inadequate "animal receiving centers." These centers do not provide shelter, medical, or adoption services for homeless animals. Instead, dogs and cats brought to these centers are transported to already overtaxed shelters in Brooklyn and Manhattan.
Keep this in mind come this weekend, when love is in the air, couples will engage in their mid-winter ritual celebration of Hallmark mandated love, and singles will be looking for some semi-romantic weekend hookups.
It was almost closing time when I met Tom. Closing time in my world is at the laundromat where the last wash is at 10 p.m. and the doors close at midnight.
But it's the hundreds of distinctive, translucent, Kalwall plastic laminate panels in blue and three different tones of red
This isn't the first time proms at educational institutions have attempted to regulate the gender or sexual identities of
I have been incredibly fortunate to work with brilliant and hardworking colleagues at every level ranging from pages right