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The character has "obviously" been in love with other women, a DC Comics writer confirmed.
The amazing Sarah Winifred Searle talks about carving a space for women in the world of comics.
Superman didn't start off the weakest player on a girls soccer team like you, and Lois Lane and Wonder Woman don't worry their bottom lip over hot-faced crushes on older girls on their bus. Only straight people are superheroes.
"I started drawing porn comics because I wanted to avoid taking myself too seriously. The trouble is, most porn is very serious
"Catwoman" writer Genevieve Valentine took to her blog today to discuss the news, saying, "When I was first plotting out
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The entire Marvel universe is now available in digital format through the Marvel Comics App and the Marvel Comics Unlimited
Why is it important to highlight queer visibility within comics? Christensen: It's been important to me ever since I got
Blackman and Williams announced their controversial and highly-public departure from "Batwoman" last week, citing "editorial
A young boy experiencing thoughts or feelings that may be completely foreign to how he was raised can find some truth and validation in a comic book. Will it have openly gay characters who don't treat homosexuality as something to be ashamed of or disguised?