queer identity

RuPaul is at the center of a controversy on his comments about the transgender community. But, that cannot undo how the show itself has been a pivotal force in shaping queer identity over the last ten years.
Let’s talk about violence. It was our date night. Ironically enough, the movie we had seen that night was the Dallas Buyers
Attraction doesn't care about making things simple, easy, or clear-cut. But I didn't know that. So in response to my pondering I told myself, You like boys, and that's a fact. You can't be gay, so you must be straight.
"Trans is not mean to anybody. Queering up your sexuality isn’t mean to anybody."
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Kathy. 2014, From the series Queer Icons, Photogravure w/ Chine-Colle, 11x14, image size 8x10. Gabriel Garcia Roman His goal
The Huffington Post: What is your driving vision for The Identity Project? Sarah Deragon: My main vision for The Identity
Where do you fall on the spectrum of sexuality? We first heard about signer/songwriter Ryan Amador in 2013 when he released
(h/t Mic) Essentially, intersex means that the chromosomes one is born with don't necessarily correspond with traditional
Sicardi and Tutera agreed, noting that androgyny doesn't necessarily mean looking masculine or feminine, but depends on how
Called "Emma," the two-minute short comes from filmmakers Jose Angel Saenz and Kyle Morck and examines the way that socially
For me, the project begins to touch on queerness right from its core -- in part because theories of identity-construction
After she came out as queer to an ex-boyfriend, and later to a childhood friend with whom she led Bible study, both friends responded with support.
As women's history month draws to a conclusion, I have been reflecting on what it means to expand the work of feminism to better include diverse perspectives and narratives.