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7 nightlife stars reflect on the legacy and love of Domonique Echeverria.
"I'm always striving to get people together that you wouldn't typically see in the same room."
A massive group of queers and creatives packed a space in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York April 18 in
The Psychic party series is a one of a kind, coming-of-consciousness Brooklyn-based queer party that transports its attendees
The Brooklyn Nightlife awards took place on Saturday, March 21, and individuals from all across the spectrum of nightlife
The BNAs are also about visibility, especially in a queer community where some modes of performance tend to recieve more
As the winter slowly begins to wear away, our search for a queer paradise -- and our questioning of what that would even
It's that time of the year again. Tonight one of our favorite queer parties will return to transport us away from the icy
It's the circus I always talk about, but magnified and really HOMO for the holidays. It's a big departure from the dilapidated
"Dick The Balls" will take place Friday, Dec. 12 in Brooklyn. Head here for tickets or here for more information. It's that
HuffPost Live chatted with Nichols and nightlife icons Kenny Kenny and Ladyfag about what nightlife represents for the queer
Over the past six months, HuffPost Gay Voices Associate Editor JamesMichael Nichols sought to provide a platform for the
HuffPost Gay Voices believes that it is important and valuable to elevate the work, both today and in the past, of those
Over the past several years you and your parties have become iconic in the NYC nightlife scene. What did your journey to
I never knew it would get as big as it is now, but I also think that’s part of my success... because I didn’t really care
What parties and gigs are you currently engaged in? Well you can always catch ya girl at Frankie Sharp's Westgay and GIRLS