queer teens

The 25-year-old actor made his feature film debut in Jonathan Wysocki's coming-of-age dramedy, which hit theaters last week.
An administrator says the move wasn't intended "to offend or hurt anyone."
On a sweltering July Monday at Google’s New York headquarters, in a conference room four floors above Chelsea Market, a dozen
The 17-year-old said she was "completely shocked" by the rainbow-themed bash.
"The only thing that matters is how you feel when you look in that mirror and see yourself as the hero you've always wanted to be."
The implications of a generation of kids who feel empowered to explore their own identities and desires with openness and self-acceptance rather than repression and self-loathing are nothing short of revolutionary.
"We should be striving to nurture individuality and creativity, and understand that each expression of self is valid."
For this reason, MTV created the video “This Is Our Prom: A Prom To De-Gender” in which 12 individuals with diverse gender
Would you let your mom have access to your Grindr account? Popular YouTube vlogger Riyadh Khalaf did just that, letting three
@huffpostgay @joelfly Come out today, the longer you wait, the more regret you'll have, and it will last for the rest of