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Donald Trump, however, made his intentions quite clear at the last debate, and many times before: He will appoint justices to the high court "very much in the mold of Justice Scalia."
All of this means, at the very least, that Trump could have said that he brutally assaulted someone with a baseball bat and smashed the person's head in, enjoying every minute of it, laughing about it in the retelling, or even that he had killed the person, and it might well be excused by many evangelicals leaders.
Mike Pence hasn't changed one bit. He's always been a bigot, backing positions and ideas that displayed animus for classes of people. It may sometimes have been different groups than those Trump is most vocal about right now, but that doesn't change the definition of bigotry.
When Trump says immigrants must share our values for "respect of women and gays" he's trying to dupe both GOP moderates and the media into the belief that he actually supports LGBT rights when he doesn't.
Too many in the media continue to promote a shallow narrative about Donald Trump and LGBT rights. They engage in dangerous shorthand, which betrays a lack of real interest in the issue while they try to easily slot Trump into a story.
Sexual orientation is about who you are, how you see the world and how you identify, not about your private sexual activity. And if you are public about it as a public person to a wide circle, it should be something reportable.