queer youth

Parents can be part of the problem, too, researchers say.
"My Heroes" wants kids to know it's "OK to be who you want."
“Everybody was so accepting, it’s amazing,” Kennedy Cooley said.
Contrary to the common refrain of “it gets better,” a new reportfinds that the unique challenges facing LGBTQ and gender
"Faint of Heart" pays tribute to Elvis, Prince, Madonna and more.
My mind is dribbling half thought out sentences written down on the pages of my spiral notebook, the kind that leaves tiny pieces of paper on your lap when you rip out the pages. I have crossed out a dozen sentences because I can't begin to process the events that are still unfolding in Orlando.
I was lucky enough to find a relationship with God at an early age. My family owned a church, so the majority of my adolescence was spent being hauled back and forth to every church service you can imagine.
Two and a half years. That's the average wait time for a transgender child in my region to be seen and assessed by a psychiatrist who specializes in gender dysphoria.