Is it me, or did some gay men watch Mean Girls and take it a little too seriously? If the people around you are mean and miserable and make you feel like crap, it's time to recast.
In the wake of a formative year for transgender communities, there seems to be little discussion about people like Becca Blackwell, a trans actor who post-transition does not conform to the gender binary that our society is comfortable with.
Being LGBTQ is not a switch we can turn on and off when we feel like it. Making movies that promote their lead characters as such (when in fact, they aren't) is damaging and disappointing.
Your biggest queer news stories from the past week.
This week, we honor CN Lester, a genderqueer singer and activist in the UK who appeared on Newsnight earlier this week debating trans issues.
Each week, we look at what it’s like to be queer in a different nook of the world. This week, China!
Celebrity spawn Jaden Smith, the 17 year old son of Will Smith, is the new face of Louis Vuitton's...womenswear.
It may come as no surprise that being gay under the rule of the Islamic State is no picnic. ISIS has the delightful policy of throwing gay men off rooftops, shooting them and stoning them...but not always.
FedEx is in hot water for denying benefits to the same-sex widow of an employee -- because her death came six days too early.