The two put their friendship front and center on this weekend’s “Saturday Night Live.”
The founder of The Roots and drummer for the “Tonight Show” band said back in 1976 he talked an older woman named Ellie into buying me a stereo and a record collection.
The musical, aimed at "celebrating the origins of dance culture and the Black cultural experience," is set to debut on Broadway in 2021.
The 26-year-old reportedly died at his home on Friday.
Musician Questlove performed at the “Concert for Charlottesville” to help the city heal after violent white supremacists marched through the city last month.
“I don’t see why we as a country put weight on entertainers when we should be putting weight on people who make the decisions."
During Aasif Mandvi's All-Star Deportation Jamboree, The Roots drummer looked back on his memorable Valentine's Day with The Purple One himself. Somehow the musicians ended up at a roller skating rink -- and yes, there were translucent skates involved. Donate now to the ACLU and the IRC! Use the Facebook donate button or visit Crowdrise:
That time Questlove spent Valentine’s Day with Prince.