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For two modest portions (or four as a side dish or dessert), Jackie began by putting up a big pot of lightly salted water
All that stands between you and a delicious supper is 30 minutes (or even fewer!).
Using a mixture of big and little tomatoes from the farmers' market - even in mid-September they're still very good in our
Ribs--crusty with spices, fragrant with wood smoke, sizzling with fat and caramelized sauce--invoke the spirit of barbecue like no other meat. Plus, they are unabashedly fun to eat, channeling through our DNA the same hand-to-mouth pleasure our cave-dwelling ancestors experienced after they embraced the power of live-fire cooking.
One humble pan, minimal ingredients and a few minutes' prep -- and you've got a full-fledged meal.
Turn off those heavy-duty ovens and stovetops and turn on a slow cooker. Not only can you use your slow cooker to cook your favorite soups and stews, you can even make your own common household products.
Save time with these quick and easy, family friendly chicken recipes. Ready in 20 minutes or less!
No multi-step recipes or long ingredient lists -- just smart ideas for getting supper on the table on a typical crazy weeknight.