The "Harry Potter" author had a blunt reply for one fan who questioned the fictional sport.
It's basically a mix of rugby, dodgeball with a little bit of handball.
And millions of Quidditch fans start dreaming of gold medals.
These daredevil Muggles are living out every Harry Potter fan's dream.
The game is played on a 'pitch', about the third of the length of a soccer field, it is roughly elliptical in shape, though the edges are not treated as 'hard' boundaries as they tend to be in other sports. There are three hoops of varying heights at each end of the pitch, if premade hoops aren't available, many teams will resort to hanging hulahoops from soccer nets.
What sets quidditch apart from other sports is its two-minimum gender rule, established by the International Quidditch Association. Quidditch values diversity and that, to me, is one of the most powerful messages we can send out.
The sixth annual real-life Quidditch World Cup (based on the Harry Potter books) is coming to Florida in two weeks, and University of Miami, one of the top teams in the world, has been ranked by quidditch analysts (yes, they exist) as a likely contender to win it.
"Rachel recognized the joy the story brought to me and has creatively made that fictional world a little more tangible. That
America may no longer be glowing scarlet and gold in Harry Potter fever, but that hasn't stopped a group of enterprising