quiet time

If you are having trouble making this time for yourself, it might be a good idea to get some external support and make some profound life changes. Truly, 5-10 minutes per day is very little -- but it can create a huge shift.
I've got good news and bad news. It's about creativity. Well, mine anyway. After many years of alternately experiencing both droughts and monsoons of creative vision, I have miraculously discovered from where to harvest my most creative self.
 Just because we're a family of introverts doesn’t mean that it's quiet around our house. On the contrary: you're likely
We have somehow lost our ability to move through the world with an aura of visible compassion, with obvious gestures and words of kindness for others. Why is kindness so difficult for us?
I get to see my sweetheart after the journey, so I have additional incentive to get to the rails on time. I am a "regular
“When you meditate, you produce alpha waves, your body calms down, your pulse drops, you go out of the fight-or-flight mode
Silence can make you a better listener. We are "losing our listening," says Julian Treasure in his 2011 TED Talk, "5 Ways
Have you ever noticed how much background noise we experience? With a small amount of planning, we can unplug by stepping back from sound.