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Why the militant group pours so many resources into building its image.
Harris's next book will be, perhaps, his most controversial -- which is a rather impressive claim for the author of books that claim to disprove the notion of free will and call for the end of faith in America.
“No family should lose another loved one to such hatred. Not another child. Not another sister. #notanotherbrother.”
Tommy Robinson has sensationally quit the English Defense League, saying he can no longer control the extremist elements within the organization.
Khudi is a self-described social movement peacefully advocating for nationalism, democracy and stability by tactically promoting tolerant discussion and debate to constructively resolve disputes.
The assassination of Al-Qaeda leader Abu al-Yazid has people wondering if the organization will soon be a thing of the past. The short answer: "Yes, probably." The long answer: "Not on your life."