HAVANA (AP) — Up a winding flight of stairs at a beachside Havana home, Camila Lopez Rivas lies on the tile floor, smiling
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it is my experience, in the hundreds of dialogues I've held with adolescents, that no one is more open and honest and piercing than than they are when it comes to investigating questions such as: Who am I? Who can I become? What do I want to be when I grow up? It behooves the rest of us, at every age and stage, to hold inquiries on such questions with them, so we can be privy to their keen insights.
Our current century has recently celebrated her 15th birthday. In fact, as the year turned 2015, our millennium has turned sweet 15. You may have thought the usual New Year's Eve hoop-la was enough. Nowhere near. It's time for a sacred moment.
This post was originally posted on Voces by Marinés Arroyo. It has been translated by Carolina Moreno. We've gathered 15
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