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Daughters Kidada and Rashida Jones were by her side; fans pour out their hearts with memories.
The "Parks and Recreation" alum is said to have given birth to a baby boy a month ago.
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"It's apparent that 'wordvomit' and bad-mouthing is inexcusable," Jones said about his widely shared interviews.
Quincy Jones said the comedy and screen legends got it on.
The 84-year-old also trashed Donald Trump and said the Beatles were terrible musicians.
So imagine his pleasant surprise when Brown tuned into his 1995 debut album Gettin' to It and liked what he heard and invited
On Sunday, we witnessed the musical genius of Kamasi Washington; the heavenly sounds of Gregory Porter, who introduced to
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Photo by Oliver Bokelberg This contemporary dance production includes graffiti and art by muralist John Valadez. During the
Unfortunately, mesothelioma diagnoses like Jones' are always terminal -- many victims are killed by the disease within a
"I just hope while I’m here now people look at me and draw inspiration."
If you were given the chance to fulfill one wish before you died, what would you do? Would you tackle a career goal, or maybe meet a celebrity? Would you do something that had a lasting impact on the world, or make people laugh and smile?
At 32, Quincy decided that instead of giving up and waiting for the end that he would continue to live his passion: comedy. Despite ongoing chemotherapy, he didn't stop touring because he wants nothing more than to leave behind a comedic legacy that will not be forgotten.
"A long time ago," she notes (eliciting a smile), "I used to think Miley Cyrus was a slut. 'She looks horrible! How can she