For most of my life, I've been seeking permission and validation to move forward -- everything from what sport to play as a kid to what area of concentration I was focusing on in college to what clothes I wore or car I drove as an adult. I was always being unconsciously influenced by others.
Most people don't want to "do nothing' all day. We have hopes and dreams, goals and ambitions. We want to contribute to the world, make it a better place, not "retire" from it to a life of "leisure."
Taking your foot off the accelerator and coasting in neutral for a bit can go a long way to knowing whether to proceed and how to do so or whether to redirect your energies to something else altogether.
Dr. Kenneth Siegel joins HuffPost Live to discuss some how to know if your boss wants you to quit.
Have you ever landed the "perfect" job only to find out you hate it? You're not alone. We hear why people have said "I quit!" to some of the cushiest gigs out there and help you figure out what to do instead.
I know that I want nothing more than for my kids to be happy. I feel so good that I had enough sense to change my life so that I could be an example for my kids, and show them how important it is to be happy.
I bit the bullet. And like a cowboy tipping his hat astride his trusty horse, I am turning down the dusty trail and galloping into... no, not the sunset. The sunrise.
My Pretending System has helped over seven million people find happiness and by that I mean a number that was actually 106. But that didn't seem very impressive so I'm pretending it was more. See? Pretending works for everyone!
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