MaNishtana wants to remind people that "there's not one way to be Jewish."
Ex-Trump aide says people need to pray more. Rabbi counters, "Isn't praying what the people in the synagogue were doing?"
“I’m doing this for the same reason that drove me to become a rabbi 37 years ago,” said Rabbi Robert Barr.
“This refugee ban and Muslim ban and any other action taken to target these communities is wrong and hateful and hurtful.”
But Rabbi Marvin Hier isn't fazed by the hateful messages from "kooks and neo-Nazis."
"These, my Holy Brothers, are sweet. You must have one. You must." Wired as this man was to the experience that everything
Wajahat: It is much more dangerous to be a Muslim kid today than when I was growing up as an overweight kid with lentil stains
Eventually, I contacted a local friend who's an Orthodox rabbi. He called ahead to the beit din. While I am certain that
By Rabbi Dr. Michael Shire It was only a few months ago that we saw graphic and horrific images of refugee children dying
Shabbat can function as a break from the unbearably real. We spend our week not only consumed by our personal struggles, large
I run from confrontation.  The very thought of disagreeing with someone makes me breathless.  Yet, as a rabbi, I have to