Rabbis For Human Rights

"The government will have to come through us” to deport the migrants, Rabbi Susan Silverman said.
Palestinians and NGOs have long lamented settler violence in the West Bank.
"For me a person is a person. A life of a person is important."
Right now, the Jewish community is finishing up its annual marking of days, as each night we count the Omer, the 49 days between the second night of Passover and the beginning of Shavuot. Immediately after, we'll mark another set of days, one with only despair and no celebration.
If Judaism cannot offer wisdom and guidance as to how we might make a small contribution to heal a broken world, then it has little to no relevance at all.
Just a few steps outside of the Old City, in an East Jerusalem, sits the City of David National Park, one of Israel's most visited tourist attractions. What most visitors don't know is that their price of admission supports an ideological settler organization. Thankfully, this situation may change.
Rabbi Jacobs: I want to spread the message that 1800 rabbis-- along with the majority of the American Jewish community--believes
The new ads will go up on Monday. According to the Associated Press, "On Wednesday, another group, United Methodist Women
We need to approach the act of eating in a way far more mindful than is currently the case. In this week's biblical portion, Beha'alotcha, we have perhaps the archetypical biblical story of what consumption looks like without mindfulness.
The Jewish National Fund was set up in 1901 to purchase land in the Land of Israel on behalf of the Jewish People. The JNF also has become Israel's forestry service. However, in addition to all of the important environmental work the JNF does, there is sadly a dark side.