The U.S. suspension of adoptions from more than 100 countries is dire news for strays around the world.
The one-year ban was announced after a spike in puppies being denied entry because they were too young to be vaccinated.
The golfer was treated for cuts after the "extremely rare" attack.
Honestly, we shouldn't have to tell you this.
The dogs are descendants of those left behind after the 1986 nuclear disaster.
The little critters really aren't so scary -- and they even eat unwanted insects.
What about protecting people with PEP? This makes sense – we want to stop people dying, we should vaccinate them. Since only
Half of any battle is knowing when and how to take action. People who are bitten by a dog in a rabies endemic country need
The disease is preventable and treatable -- but fighting it is not a priority for the West.
5. Be vigilant. It's not necessary to be on high alert every time you visit the dog park, but it IS important to be observant
It's Halloween season, so it's not unusual to see kids dressed as Batman around Cincinnati Zoo. But the Zoo's real bat man
After poisoning my victims' minds, I make my way to their salivary glands. I make my victims want to bite. I make them scream. I make them fear water so much that they panic and sometimes violently shake at the sight of liquid.
We're coming into closer contact with bats because of human and livestock expansion into forests.
Dear Johnny Depp and Amber Heard: You've airlifted your two Yorkies back to their American homeland because, as Australia's
Animal Rights activists are urging city officials in Karachi, Pakistan to find a new way to deal with its massive stray dog problem.