The little critters really aren't so scary -- and they even eat unwanted insects.
So, if we really are serious about this goal, what are our options? Most rabies endemic countries have enacted some or all
The ultimate goal of the National Rabies Control Committee is to declare the Philippines a rabies-free country by the year
The disease is preventable and treatable -- but fighting it is not a priority for the West.
Is Your Canine Companion Just Not a 'Dog Park Dog'? 7. Know the difference between play and aggression in dogs. A playful
The Zoo's initial animals were collected from the wild in the 1960's by a team of employees. Over the years "new blood" was
After poisoning my victims' minds, I make my way to their salivary glands. I make my victims want to bite. I make them scream. I make them fear water so much that they panic and sometimes violently shake at the sight of liquid.
We're coming into closer contact with bats because of human and livestock expansion into forests.
The cost for avoiding but not evading the UK's strict regulations was not cheap. The Beatriz cost $2,400 a week for two months
Animal Rights activists are urging city officials in Karachi, Pakistan to find a new way to deal with its massive stray dog problem.
Due to overwhelming numbers of animals that need surgery and aftercare for free, and the near-impossible logistics and cost of setting up and staffing clinics all over the globe, most will not have access to spay/neuter programs.
There is certainly no basis for either fear of, or opposition to, the on-going treatment of an infected American doctor in Atlanta. We may instead all be thankful that in return for the courageous service he was providing in Liberia, Dr. Brantly is now receiving an American standard of medical care himself.