Logan Kelsey MacNamara was hailed as a hero by a wildlife biologist for her quick action as her daughter was being attacked.
Adorable animal thieves will steal your heart
"Frickin' raccoons, man," CNN’s Joe Johns exclaims in one clip. "God, again! That's the second time. Jesus."
The little guy was freed from the machine after the snack caper gone wrong.
Firefighters in South Bend, Indiana, became heroes by setting up ladders to help two raccoons escape from a burning building.
At least one of the raccoons likely had distemper, a serious viral illness.
Honestly, we shouldn't have to tell you this.
A raccoon climbed to the top of a skyscraper in Minnesota and became an internet sensation overnight.
The raccoon, believed to be female, has been rescued and set free.
St. Paul officials planned to set a trap on the roof in order to bring the animal down safely.