race to the top

There is little evidence to suggest that states, left to themselves, will protect these children. There is no organized political
In years to come, when historians look back on the early twenty-first century, they are likely to refer to the "Bush-Obama
What will be the legacy of Race to the Top and Barack Obama's other education initiatives? Indeed, what's been accomplished
C. M. Rubin C. M. Rubin is the author of two widely read online series for which she received a 2011 Upton Sinclair award
The positive legacies of the Obama administration for education are indirect. The prevention of an economic collapse from
Imagine an athlete training for the Olympic decathlon. The young man had been told that success would come by training specifically and constantly for the 100-meter dash and 110-meter hurdles. He did what he was told.
It may seem like the deck is stacked against schools that predominantly educate low-income populations. Once they start their
We're living proof that though money alone can't solve a school superintendent's problems, a well-crafted personalized learning program does.
I will be glad to see NCLB left behind and RTTT stopped, but I do not see how ESSA is a victory for education in the United States. Does anyone believe that low-funded poorly performing states like Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana, New Mexico and West Virginia, will create meaningful accountability systems and tests that will expose the low quality public education they offer Black and Latino students?