Joseph Orbeso and Rachel Nguyen were missing for three months.
Rachel Lindsay met a penguin, a tickle monster... and some genuinely cool guys.
The ladies of Twitter never fail to brighten our days with their brilliant ― but succinct ― wisdom. Each week, HuffPost Women
Racism is more than a white person coming up to you and yelling a racial slur, it's a daily struggle and a constant fear. No, I've never been called a n*gger, but I'm forced to but I can't change my blackness when it's convenient. And it's not fair that she can choose something we can't.
Among the more pressing and frequently heard concerns around why Dolezal disguised her ethnicity is that she decided to “pass
There are many Christians, especially fundamentalists, who remain convinced that the Book of Genesis establishes life-long monogamous marriage between one man and one woman as the sole biblically-approved form of marital union. This is a viewpoint shared by popular writers and even some academics.
Rachel hit rock bottom. She was no longer taking care of her children or talking to her family and was stealing to support her heroin addiction. Rachel’s family took her to Grace Center’s Of Hope, an outreach shelter for homeless families in Pontiac, Michigan. Watch how GLAM4GOOD made Rachel feel proud again and gain the confidence she needed to be the best woman and mother she can be.
Leah names her fourth son "Yehuda," drawing the name from a word meaning thankfulness. But why did she wait for her fourth son's birth before thanking G-d?
The 85th annual Academy Awards will be presented Sunday, Feb. 24 in Los Angeles. The Motor City could be getting some star
I am a feminist Jew because the God of my foremothers doesn't recognize a caste system and because I'm angry over the injustices too frequently lorded over Jewish women.
An article in last weekend's Wall Street Journal (How To Vend it Like Beckham, November 13-14) raises the question of why
With singing gay football players, Down Syndrome cheerleaders and dancing wheelchairs, Glee is changing the world, one 12 year-old at a time.
In a debate with Rachel Maddow on MSNBC, President Obama said, "If only we had had the Public Option in our health overhaul, Wolfgang Mozart would be alive today."