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For a time this summer, it seemed all anyone could talk about was the N.A.A.C.P. chapter president whose parents had “outed
Dolezal's white-to-black "passing" is the complication of both white guilt and white rage in an era of Affirmative Action.
SEATTLE, June 18 (Reuters) - The city council in Washington state voted on Thursday to remove civil rights activist Rachel
"There were multiple occasions at open public meetings, that were recorded, where names of complainants were discussed in
The criminal case that Rachel Dolezal said led her parents to spitefully reveal that the former president of the Spokane
One of the arguments in support of Dolezal is that she has, on many occasions, identified as "transracial." To be clear, there
KHQ-TV in Spokane reported that Dolezal sent a message to NAACP members saying she would address the situation at a Monday
"Hate language sent through mail and social media along with credible threats continue to be a serious issue for our units