Rachel Jeantel

Rachel Jeantel entered the world’s stage 12 twelve months ago as a key witness in the George Zimmerman trial. Jeantel was
After becoming the center of one of the year's most high-profile cases, Rachel Jeantel became both the target of stinging criticism and the beneficiary of praise and charitable giving.
After becoming the center of one of the year's most high-profile cases, Rachel Jeantel became both the target of stinging
No matter how Merriam-Webster and other dictionaries define the N-word -- I have never and will never be a n*gg*r -- although I am very proud to be a black person.
Becuase of these facts, I find it difficult to understand how anyone can be celebrating over the events that have transpired
As I observed how Jeantel had been eviscerated on social media -- by blacks and whites -- because of her excruciating testimony and her appearance (she was ridiculed for resembling Gabourey Sidibe's character in Precious), Zora Neale Hurston's ruminations on race sprang to mind.
Trayvon Martin is a victim. But Rachel Jeantel is a victim as well. An almost illiterate 19-year-old who can barely verbalize what it is she witnessed, Jeantel must have known how easily her credibility would be publicly shattered. Her bravery in even taking the stand is stunning.
egardless of your opinion about George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin, we mustn't ignore the underlying conversation -- a heated, potent, and critical discussion about race and racism.
Our Justice system serves primarily white people, our legislative system primarily serves the people who corrupt and obstruct it. We the People lost sight of the values, strength and discipline that could have made our country great.
It's good to rally and march; coming together for a common cause can be mentally and emotionally healing. But right now, I do not want to be approached by anyone who does not look like me to discuss the verdict.
Ultimately, Zimmerman is the only person who knows exactly what happened in the seconds before he shot and killed Martin
Rachel Jeantel responded to Rush Limbaugh's use of the word "n---a" during an appearance on HuffPost Live that aired Wednesday
It's clear we have a caste system in which certain people have no ground to stand on, and others are allowed to stand by whatever ground they happen to see. The question is, whose ground is it to defend?
Jeantel, who was on the phone with Martin when George Zimmerman began pursuing him and during part of the scuffle that ultimately
Rachel Jeantel, who was the last person to speak to Trayvon Martin, was offered a full scholarship to any HBCU she wanted by radio host Tom Joyner on July 16, 2013.
In a few months we will know if a jury believes that George Zimmeran was compelled to follow Trayvon Martin because of his race. One thing we know now, however, is that there is yet another victim of tired stereotypes and prejudices in this case, and that is Rachel Jeantel.
Rachel Jeantel's testimony in the trial of George Zimmerman, who is facing second-degree murder charges for fatally shooting
Observers have said that Jeantel's testimony represent the tangled relationships between race, class and law enforcement
"People who have a lot of power don’t have negative run-ins with the police because it’s easier to stop somebody who’s not