Rachel Macy Stafford

What was given to me at the airport -- comfort, assurance, security, and validation -- should be given to all children, and the time is now.
During my highly-distracted years, life was a blur -- the to-do lists took over ... my life was a constant mad dash to a finish line that couldn't be reached ... and my devices were gripped more tightly than the hands of my loved ones.
Read this. Share this. Live this.
I am now the parent of two beautiful girls. One of my vows when they were born was to pass my father's soul-building gift of listening on to them.
It was my children's first day back to school after a two-week holiday break. The school bus was due to pull up to the corner in four minutes. My daughters were doing their last-minute gathering of shoes, coats, water bottles, and lunches.
If you're feeling overwhelmed by the tasks ahead of you, remind yourself that you do not have to do them all at once -- just one. Just start with one
Ask the question. Throw out a specific way you can help. Perhaps your offer will be accepted. Perhaps it won't. But you can bet that deep down in that person's soul, there will be relief -- sweet, sweet relief.
Maybe you know a Firefly. Maybe you love a Firefly. If you do, please don't wait. Don't wait for someone to hand him an award or a give her a certificate to make their talents and gifts "official."
Sometimes I find myself sitting behind the wheel of the car thinking, Enough. But then something happens to pull me out of my negative abyss and set my head on straight.