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“[That's] not something you should say on television. Will you take that back, please?”
"Most are the faces that are coming to the forefront now are more diverse."
Many people unfairly associate Springsteen only with the working man or a man's only musician -- that couldn't be further from the truth.
CNN announced a new sports show hosted by Rachel Nichols, the Wrap reported Monday. "Rachel Nichols: Unguarded" will air
Women covering men's sports almost universally face gender-specific challenges and sexism throughout their careers -- and
The trailer for one of the final two movies Cory Monteith shot before his untimely death in July is here. "McCanick" finds
What's most amazing, given commercial television's studied avoidance of the topic, is how often shows like "The Fall" take on topics like misogyny, sexism and the frustrations of limited roles that both genders are often expected to occupy.
The network announced Thursday that it has hired ESPN reporter Rachel Nichols to anchor a weekend sports program. Nichols
As you're reading this, a very bad movie that goes by the title of Alex Cross is playing in a theater somewhere near you. Alex Cross stars Tyler Perry (Star Trek) as the man who has his name in the title of this very bad movie. Is there any fathomable reason that you should spend the money that you earn working a job that you don't particularly care for just for chance to have some semblance of enjoyment in your free time (and food)?
There are plenty of battles in the new version of Conan the Barbarian, but the two key matchups -- pitting this film against the 1982 version -- wind up as a draw. Sort of.
Racism is a disease that surely needs to be properly diagnosed yet so many are afraid to engage in pursuing a collective cure.
The film resembles what adventures you might create if you took your action figure playsets and gave them a $175 million budget to work with. And yes, I mean that as a compliment.
The backless dress: a great way to showcase sexy curves, or in some cases, a rack of ribs. Also, it's totally of the moment
Back in 2000, Sports Illustrated called it the "season's second most-discussed poll," right after the presidential election
The all-star roster of sideline sirens includes Erin Andrews (ESPN), Rachel Nichols (ESPN), Colleen Dominguez (ESPN), Lisa