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Dr. Jeffrey Sachs talks to HuffPost Live about America's wealth disparity.
Shine Theory: Why Powerful Women Make Great Friends Ann Friedman, The Cut In this terrific piece about "that feeling of resentment
It is one of the biggest workplace taboos -- asking your co-workers how much they earn. But companies and their employees are beginning to break down the salary sharing walls. What are the pros and cons to a more open workplace environment?
Rachel Sklar's biggest career regret was not asking for a raise she deserved. When she consulted a colleague on whether or not to ask for a raise during a bad economy, he told her not to -- that she was "lucky to have a job at all."
2. Accept that you can't micromanage everything. "It's so hard to let go of all these different areas. I just want to have
The question of how to interest more women in technology fields is one of the most important questions facing us today, for many reasons.
I packed up my office. I received my last paycheck. At my goodbye party, numerous drunken lawyers wished me well and told me how lucky I was. And brave. (Is it brave if you don't yet realize just how hard it is to be broke?)
On Sunday, October 21st, Buzzfeed.com's Ben Smith moderated a panel on social media and the new political landscape featuring New York Times Media Reporter Brian Stelter, Changetheratio.com founder Rachel Sklar and journalism legend Dan Rather.
Journalists will continue to speculate upon the back room dealings that went down between Twitter and NBC, but Adams doesn't regret his original action.
No matter how fantastic or compelling their expertise, I hear many women say: "My expertise is incomplete. I'm not good enough. I don't know enough." Here's how to change that attitude.
There is still a disparity in earnings and leadership titles across genders, but there are more outspoken advocates of professional women than ever before.
On Friday, President Obama urged citizens to tweet their congressmen and women using the hashtag "#compromise." In the 48 hours after the president's call to action, the hashtag was used more than 22 thousand times, and reached an estimated 36 million users.
The oft-quoted Tolstoy line "All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way" seems to hold true
Ari Berman does a wonderful thing in his new book Herding Donkeys -- he investigates how common sense usurped power in Washington.
I suppose that there's no reason to be concerned over the "sensitivities" of many New Yorkers who the ADL feels aren't worthy
If I say "entrepreneur," whose image flashes into your head? The obsession with venture capital funded entrepreneurship, the big exit, the genius nerd working 24-7 on code is misplaced, and it's really holding women back.
Rachel Sklar, editor-at-large at Mediaite, was the most recent person to take our Sabbath Manifesto "Unplug Challenge," connecting to life without technology for 24 hours during a weekend in May.
Watch 'Discrimination and the Medium' Part One: Women & The Media Discrimination in the Medium Part 2 from Kimberly Butler
Tomorrow night in over 175 cities worldwide, Twestival 2010 will kick off in a global chain of parties fueled entirely by social media, with 100% of ticket sales going to Concern Worldwide.