racial bias

The department created the policy in the wake of a public outcry against racial bias.
Starbucks closed 8,000 stores nationwide for an afternoon of racial sensitivity training.
Starbucks will close 8,000 stores nationwide for an afternoon of racial sensitivity training.
A while back I wrote a piece titled “Hollywood Needs More Brown Superheroes”, which was about diversity in the entertainment
While the impact of a person's race in the criminal justice system is the subject of intense debate among courts and commentators, there is no dispute that the race of a person investigated or accused of crime matters.
We need to accept that we are all biased by our own experience.
"It never occurred to me that there was still racial bias."
The GOP vice presidential candidate called for people to move away "from the rhetoric of division and embrace the rhetoric of unity."
Smiling people may be less likely to be judged by their gender or race, study shows.
There's way too little data to make any conclusive claims on the topic.
As humans we seek connection with one another, and in the diaspora of daily life, sometimes those connections are forced upon us. We can try to find common ground with each other as a means to make these fleeting connections palatable.
The recent Louisiana and Minnesota shootings, combined with the Dallas police ambush, painfully bring to the forefront, Black Americans' deep feelings of mistrust and anger at our justice system.
To create a culture of inclusiveness requires that we all look at and acknowledge our unconscious biases - so we can do something about the ones that are unfair or cause harm to others.
America is divided and hurting, and police-community relations is one big part of that hurt. But there will be no healing between black and blue, no unity, without justice. The cameras are not going away.