racial justice

The anonymous messages come as conservatives wage a culture war over events and books with LGBTQ or racial justice themes.
The students created the "Know Justice, Know Peace" podcast following George Floyd's murder in 2020.
Three white men who chased and killed Ahmaud Arbery in a Georgia neighborhood are returning to court to be sentenced for their federal hate crime convictions.
The officers face charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for their actions during the protests after the killing of George Floyd, sources said.
A lawyer for Arbery’s family says the case is a “litmus test” for the justice system, and whether it will punish people who commit violent acts motivated by racism.
A video showing a police officer pistol-whipping and choking a Black man during an arrest in a Denver suburb has reignited anger over policing in the community.
Gov. Larry Hogan granted posthumous pardons to 34 victims of lynching. His office said he was the first governor to do so.
A woman standing with Sgt. Paul Gorder can be heard shouting a racial slur at the demonstrators at one point.
The white former police officer was convicted of two counts of murder and one count of manslaughter in the death of George Floyd, a Black man.
"President Biden, we demand justice, equity, policy and everything else that freedom encompasses," the activist said during Lil Baby's moving performance.