racial tension

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The next stop on HuffPost’s “Listen To America” bus tour was Birmingham, Alabama, where we met Lisa McNair, the sister of Denise McNair. Denise was the youngest victim of the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing by the KKK in 1963.
Business and government can and must do more. Our police must do more, but they can't fix the problem alone. Only we, all
The Nielsen report found that the Chicago area has fallen out of the top echelon of U.S. cities when it comes to the percentage
American voters usually award the White House to an optimistic candidate. Not in 2016.
"To say that I have a right to violate your civil rights because you're offending me is un-American. It is unconstitutional."
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The events of that time still remain burned in my memory on the fiftieth anniversary of the Watts riots this August. I still think of the streets that we were shooed down by the police and the National Guard during those hellish days.
The recent hate crimes perpetrated by Israeli Jews against Jews and Arabs have opened a bleeding wound in the Israeli society. It is not the first time that Israelis carry out such crimes against Jews or Arabs.
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I am struck by the different lenses through which identical events unfold and the challenges involved in unification.
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This epidemic of deaths of African-American youths at police hands is not new. In 1966, the police shot and killed 16-year-old Matthew Johnson, an African-American, in the Bayview Hunters Point area of San Francisco where I grew up. I was 12 years old; now I'm 60.
Twenty-eight percent of Americans now have “a great deal” of concern about race relations, according to the poll conducted
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Photographer Stephen Somerstein chronicled the Selma demonstration through a series of images that authentically portray
During a visit to a San Francisco community center Thursday, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder played a round of basketball
I sat next to a boy in science class. He was funny and smart. And he was black. I am not. We started "going together." I was nervous and excited. This was me. I liked a boy. He liked me. Seemed simple. Until it wasn't.
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On top of devastating the country, wiping out many people's savings, and increasing the obscene gap between the wealthy and the rest of us, the Great Recession may have had the side effect of increasing racial tension.
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"I met for an hour and a half with 15 of our students to discuss the issues that were raised in the Change.org petition. I
A profanity-laced, racially charged smartphone video has gone viral on Reddit, in a post titled, “This is how the 'locals
As we celebrate the legacy of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., I have the good fortune of seeing up close how his efforts continue to promote social justice. I must confess, though, that I sometimes worry about the distance -- some would say tensions -- that exist between blacks and Jews.
Conflict between rich and poor now eclipses racial strain and friction between immigrants and the native-born as the greatest