Racial wealth gap

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who's also running for president, argued that canceling all student debt would widen the racial wealth gap.
The 2020 presidential candidate laid out the proposal along with Democratic House Whip James Clyburn.
Rampant inequality helps to explain, in part, why demand for change is sweeping across the nation. From the newly elected
What is seen in this report is that the story of Chicago is one of access --or rather--a lack thereof. Chicago is one of
Conversations about race often feature reminders that, although imperfect, our society has made much progress toward racial equity.
Racial wealth inequality is a major issue in the United States. It's origin dates back to the transatlantic slave trade, followed
Part of the solution to racial wealth inequality is simply to ensure that more asset-development investment is directed toward
We see it on the news. We see it in our communities. Ferguson, Baltimore, Minneapolis, Dallas . . . no matter where we live, we confront stories highlighting the consequences of a society divided deeply by race and opportunity. And we all struggle to find ways to make a difference.
Having made that investigation, the "valuator" would turn down the loan application. Nor did they receive federally guaranteed
The result today is an enormous gap in homeownership. More than 70 percent of white households own their home compared to less than half of black and Latino families.
If structural economic inequality continues at this rate, we may never close the racial divide.
Low unemployment and a strong stock market does not mitigate the reality of stagnant wages, growing economic inequality, a growth in underemployment and a decline in median household wealth.
Equity crowdfunding can serve as family and friends, seed and Series A (via Title IV) funding for startups, particularly
Today in the United States, racial economic inequality persists because of the failure of will to invest in people of color, who continue to pay the price for a 21st century economy built off of the white supremacy of the 19th and 20th centuries. It
On April 27, 2015, hours after the family of Baltimore resident Freddie Gray had laid their son to rest in a public funeral
Bold action by the President of the United States is an important step that can help fuel the larger change necessary to finally put racial inequality in our past.
These political risings are rooted in the deep-seated white supremacy of this country and a decade of demographic and economic change. As the country slowly moves toward becoming a nation that is no longer majority white, the white populace also faces increasing economic insecurity with less promise for a better tomorrow.
The typical white household is almost 13 times richer than the typical black family.