Trump's presidential campaign was "looking backwards," the former secretary of state said in India.
President Donald Trump went off on reporters when asked about the KKK rally in Charlottesville, VA
Donald Trump has always been a parody. His constituents, with fulsome media connivance, led him speech by speech, rally by
Sad to say, today's colleges and universities seem determined to treat Presidents as CFRs -- Chief Fund Raisers. By embracing
It is hard for people to come to the realization that a parent or brother or sister or friend may have racist tendencies.
Trump studied the template well, and has managed to add a few tweaks to it, with his swagger and bluster. Asking him to stop now would be asking the GOP to cut its own throat. Trump well knows that.
"We have to exercise our right to vote, and vote for those who will give more quality (of life) to Latinos, to the candidates. Use your strength, Latinos!"
I am sickened by your bigoted intolerance of gay and lesbian people marrying. It's not all about you. It's about humanity and doing the right thing. And stop blaming God for every narrow-minded thought you cannot suppress. God, my friends, is about love, acceptance and forgiveness.
Donald Trump has received an endorsement from groups in which he wants no connection -- racists and Neo-Nazis.
While the contemporary American climate may be fraught with racial tensions and intense discussions about inequalities for
I always knew that I was black, but I did not begin to understand what it meant to be black until it was demonstrated to
There are real people really hurting. Turn on our customized media and we see what might spin into a race war over men being killed and the accused walking away. No matter what sources of media you are using, we are seeing it.
“525!“ I call. A customer, who is sitting with his back towards me, stands up and turns around. Our eyes meet. He slumps
Using the idea that our sexuality is due to nature over nurture in order to validate or justify it inherently suggests that there might be something wrong with it. Why does being gay need to be validated or justified?
According to tax records accessed at CitizenAudit.org, the Los Angeles Clippers Foundation donated $20,000 to the Los Angeles NAACP in 2008 and again in 2009, and the Donald T. Sterling Charitable Foundation gave $5,000 in 2010.
An extended audio recording of the same conversation, released by Deadspin on Sunday, shows Sterling defending his views
South Carolina GOP Senator Tim Scott is the latest to spin the laughable fantasy that blacks are ripe for the GOP pickings.
I didn't know Bob Dylan was black. And knew what we thought or felt. I'm not offended that he said what he said, but I'm a wee bit miffed that he felt he had the right to speak for blacks, Serbs and Croats with such authority.