The Kremlin won’t say much about a blast at a secretive Russian nuclear reactor.
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has an official response to the suggestion that scientists nuke hurricanes.
Stuck for vacation ideas? How about a trip to the first hotel inside the Chernobyl exclusion since the deserted Ukrainian city’s infamous nuclear reactor went into meltdown in 1986.
In honor of International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, we bring you a very special 14-year-old boy, Gabe Sipos, and Gabe's Chemo Duck Program. Born on New Year's Day 2002 in Nashville, Tennessee, Gabe was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma (a soft tissue tumor) in his sinus cavity just one week shy of his first birthday.
I meet with the friendly, smiling radiation doc. It's hard to see her as a doctor--she looks like a P.E. teacher. With her pixie cut and glowing skin, she talks about beams of radiation, percentages of tissue damage versus effectiveness of the treatment and decreases in the likelihood of cancer recurrence.
he hope for those (like my own brother) who have what today are deemed as incurable cancers, is that they can be sustained long enough on therapies that slow down or halt cancer progression, giving the opportunity for one of the exciting new therapeutic approaches to become a reality and win the battle and ultimately the War on Cancers.
Like radiation, the impacts of the Cold War and the nuclear arms race continue to linger.
An escalating series of problems began with an enhanced inspection of the interior of the Indian Point 2 reactor during a
I now know that being vulnerable is a good thing; I know that I am loved and that I am strong. I appreciate every day, the rainy storms, the sunshine, the good coffee in the morning, everything. I can't get enough of it. I am more fearless then ever and have never been more calm and relaxed.
I was ready to move on from cancer to a different kind of life. I was curious to find out what it was exactly. One step at the time. As usual, my inner child was very impatient to move on, to run towards the next phase. But first I had to finish my daily visits to the hospital.
The risk from even high dose exposure to nuclear radiation, while real, is nowhere near as great as we have come to fear
For the past 23 years, Entergy engineers have tried unsuccessfully to ignore, live with, and then stop a radioactive rain from the Indian Point 2 reactor cavity from falling onto workers inside the massive containment building.
It's the fifth anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear disaster; the damaged power plant is still leaking 150 tons of water into the ocean every single day, and radiation continues to wash up on the far shores of the Pacific Ocean.
The boar pre-freezer. Yamakiya's evacuation didn't come right away after the March 2011 disaster. It came a few months later
Five years after the earthquake and tsunami, Japan is still picking up the pieces.
It's time to give interventional oncologists the attention and recognition they deserve for improving the lives of cancer patients.