GenX Radio Suffolk fell silent for several minutes after Tim Gough suffered a suspected heart attack during his morning program.
Laboe is also credited with helping end segregation in Southern California by organizing live DJ shows at drive-in eateries that attracted whites, Blacks and Latinos.
He hosted “The Drama Hour” on New York radio station HOT 97 for more than two decades.
The fan's reason for staying on topic during the accident is the most sports-obsessed explanation ever.
"I could easily see how someone could be offended by that. I get that,” Rob Lederman, formerly of Buffalo station 97 Rock, said after being canned.
Stone denied it, but Morris O'Kelly said later: "I heard what I heard. The audio is the audio."
Imus was fired from CBS in 2007 after he referred to members of the Rutgers women's basketball team as “nappy-headed hos.”
“Baby Shark” is a hit song with the toddler set, and it’s now hit the Billboard charts.
"These strong women who are super talented, that totally deserve it, are not getting the same opportunities," the singer said.