Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

Even Republicans criticize Trump's hand-picked boss for agencies such as the Voice of America, whom the president unexpectedly pushed through this spring ahead of the election.
The decision to end partnership with The Interpreter predated Donald Trump's victory, but fears remain over how U.S.-funded outlets will cover Russia.
While the incident with our Board Chair was unfortunate, it reminds us why the work we do is so important and why we will not be deterred.
So, while Khadija's release is a major victory for her and her supporters that we will celebrate for years to come, it is but a small step on the path to press freedom in Azerbaijan and the rest of the world. Press freedom is a fundamental human right that lies at the core of all democratic and free societies, and we all have a shared responsibility to hold governments accountable when they suppress it.
Freedom of the press is a basic tenet of our democracy and a staple of a free and open society. Upholding press freedom is the top priority of the BBG in its efforts to support accurate, objective journalism around the world.
Half a world away, the State Department said that it was "concerned", and called on Azerbaijan to conduct a "transparent" investigation in line with Baku's "international commitment to protecting media freedom." Human rights activists were not impressed.
At times, this was all handled in a ham-handed way. Indeed, so much so that if journalists had only bothered to ask some tough questions, they'd start finding some pretty disturbing answers.