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"Oh my God! Somebody get some salami and cream cheese and rub it all over his face ― he’s unconscious and on the ground!"
No matter what situation is changing, don't get discouraged! It's uncomfortable, but great things never come from comfort zones. Embrace and welcome change. Consider it a blessing you needed but couldn't make happen on your own.
A popular radio host in Canada is filing a massive lawsuit against CBC, claiming the company fired him over his sex life.
Once you accept that some relationships are temporary, you can learn to stop blaming yourself for what you see as relationship failures. Instead take them for what they are -- helpful life lessons. When you beat to your own drum, and you're comfortable in your own skin, love and life find you.
What happened to the man who long ago did such an honorable and intelligent job hosting Channel 12's Colorado Inside Out? How did he end up having the respect of the paranoid right-wing and few others?
Dr. Laura, the point you actually did make is that you are very much out of touch with African Americans ... and likely a good portion of America as well (notice the demographic shifts occurring).
And when a listener scoffed at the notion of global warming, Steele eagerly ran with the baton. Mid-way through the program
Interestingly, while Brave New Films and CAIR have run identical campaigns against Savage, the radio host has only filed